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by Alfred Solis
Former BIE Staff

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November 3, 2010
How do I create Driving Questions for my projects?

by Alfred Solis
Former BIE Staff

The TUBRICTM is not only a great hands-on activity to do with teachers during professional development, but it's also a great collaborative tool to help your students create their very own Driving Questions for their projects.

So just download it, print it, and build it!


Look mom & dad, I'm finally using my engineering degree! LOL!

If you want to design your very own Tubric, then go to An editable version is available!


I'd like to thank Steven Loser, Project Based Learning Coach of Wayne Township, for the inspiration.  I'd like to thank John Larmer for narrating the video.  I'd like to thank Common Craft for their style of simple videos.



  • Love to see make this into a cell phone app!

    Michelle Kendrick on October 1, 2014 
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  • This is a great tool to use in developing a “Driving Question” for a project. Thank you, Kellie Duke

    Kellie Duke on April 20, 2015 
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