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by John Larmer
Editor in Chief

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December 28, 2016
Top 10 PBL Blog Posts of 2016

by John Larmer
Editor in Chief

We’ve published a lot of writing this year on our PBL Blog, especially since March 1 when we started posting a new blog each weekday. Here are the ten from 2016 that have gotten the most views so far:

  1. Using a Project Wall to Support Gold Standard Project Based Teaching 
  2. 4 Ways to Promote Growth Mindset in PBL 
  3. Research Brief: What can we learn from John Hattie about Project Based Teaching? (Part 1) 
  4. How can we flip assessment to build a PBL culture? 
  5. 9 Resolutions & 9 Resources for Your Project Based Learning Classroom This Year 
  6. Tips for Getting Started With Project Based Learning 
  7. Creating Authentic Kindergarten PBL 
  8. Google Apps for Education Enhances Project Based Learning 
  9. A PBL Project is Like the Hero’s Journey 
  10. What’s Next? Personalized, Project Based Learning 


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