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by John Larmer
Editor in Chief

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December 27, 2017
Top 10+ PBL Blog Posts of 2017

by John Larmer
Editor in Chief

We’ve published a lot of writing this year on our PBL Blog, from a variety of guest bloggers, our National Faculty, staff—thank you all—and me. Here are the ten from 2017 that have gotten the most views so far, plus a few more of my favorites:

1. Deeper Learning Performance Assessment Resource

2. Project Based Online Learning: Meeting the Challenge

3. Building Up STEAM at the International School Nido de Aguilas, Chile

4. 13 Projects About Immigration

5. Going Public and Going Pro: The Power of Portfolios, Publishing & Personal Branding

6. It Takes a System for High Quality PBL

7. PBL in the Mirror: 4 R’s of Planning for Teacher Reflection

8. Students and Police in Conversation: Authenticity in Nashville PBL

9. 7 Tips for Coaching PBL Teachers

10. Scaffolding the PBL Shift

These honorable mentions I thought were particularly insightful/useful:

Project- and Problem-Based Learning: Whose Problem Is It?

Creating Adult Connections in PBL

PBL for Equity & Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

Promoting a PBL Mindset in Mainstream Settings: The Dimmer Switch Approach

How My Project-Based School Prepared Me for Columbia


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