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by Suzie Boss
National Faculty

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June 21, 2013
Top 5 Ways to Stay in Touch with PBL World

by Suzie Boss
National Faculty

PBL World attendees had their horizons expanded—even more!—on the final day of the conference, when they learned about schools that are part of the Deeper Learning Network.

Supported by the Hewlett Foundation, the Deeper Learning Network connects and showcases school models that prepare students to:

  • Master core academic content 
  • Think critically and solve complex problems 
  • Work collaboratively 
  • Learn how to learn 

Marc Chun of the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation explained that the Deeper Learning concept grew out of extensive research “about how do we prepare students for future careers, and for being good citizens in a civil society.” School models that are part of the network “have different flavors, but similar outcomes,” Chun said. They also emphasize Project Based Learning “as the way to get students to collaborate, problem solve, think critically, and so forth. When done well, PBL allows students to practice the competencies that lead to the outcomes we want to see.”

Deeper Learning presenters at the conference included Asia Society, Big Picture Learning, ConnectEd, EdVisions, Envision, High Tech High, New Tech Network, and New Visions for Public Schools.


How to Stay Connected 

After a week of thinking and learning together with colleagues from around the globe, PBL World participants formed their own strong community. Through social media, those who couldn’t make it to Napa also had a chance to jump into the conversations about 21st century learning.

How can we all stay connected after the conference and continue to share PBL best practices? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Keep ‘on tweeting: The #pblworld hashtag has kept us all connected on Twitter this week. No need to retire it now that the conference is over. 
  2. Meet in Edmodo: Chances are, you saw the benefits of this social media platform for education this week. Be sure to join the BIE PBL group, where you can connect with even more educators who share your passion for PBL.  
  3. Follow the leaders: Keep an ear out for updates from the education leaders who delivered inspiring keynotes this week. (See previous blogs from this week for more details.) Follow them on Twitter, read their blogs, and use the resources they share to improve education. 
  4. Meet virtually: Stay in touch with your new PBL World friends by planning face-to-face visits via Google Hangouts or Skype. Use each other’s wisdom to sound out project ideas or troubleshoot challenges. Maybe you’ll even decide to do a collaborative project together. 
  5. Come back next year! If you need another dose of PBL World energy, plan a return visit to beautiful Napa in 2014. Or make your way to Sydney, Australia, this November for PBL World Australia. (Stay up to day about conference details at


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