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by John Larmer
Editor in Chief

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October 26, 2018
Top PBL News Stories

by John Larmer
Editor in Chief

Here are some articles, blog posts, research studies, and other resources I’ve recently run across that relate to Project Based Learning.

Project-Based Teaching: Fine-Tuning Instructional Strategies for Deep Learning
ASCD Webinar
The author of our new book Suzie Boss and I did this one-hour webinar last week, where we showed our new videos about each of the seven Project Based Teaching Practices, and discussed key takeaways.

What Happens When States Un-Standardize Tests?
Education Week Spotlight
A report on how several states are moving ahead with planning and implementation of new assessment systems with performance tasks designed to better measure what students can do—but equity issues are being raised.

The Flexibility of Computational Thinking
Here’s a good one I missed back in June that describes “three middle school projects—in English, math, and history— that use computational thinking skills to address social justice topics.”

How Making an Impact on the World Motivates Students
KQED Mind/Shift
Katrina Schwartz connects PBL and global citizenship, spotlighting the 8th grade history “Monuments Project” and the 5th grade “Human Differences” project.

Why Public Presentations of Learning?
Share Your
This is a well-designed and resource-rich website (and a national movement you can sign onto) that promotes public exhibitions of learning, student-led conferences, and presentations of learning.

100 Project-Based Learning Ideas for Every Age
A.J. Juliani
As you might expect from this teacher/blogger/author, this list has lots of great ideas.

Good Work Leads to More Work
Mike Kaechele
A teacher/blogger in our National Faculty offers insights and reflections on what it means to be a PBL teacher.

Students Use Skype for Research
The Leader-Herald
Two good PBL units in 6th and 7th grade ELA are highlighted in this article. In one, students are “creating a case for or against the reintroduction of the wolf as a species in the Adirondack Park.” In the other, students read the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio and create a community awareness campaign focused on building empathy for people with genetic disorders.

Oshkosh Students Highlight City History
A story from the local press about a project in which students at Oshkosh North High School partnered with the Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau to research the history of the community and create website pages for visitors.


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