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We recommend that you join our other online communities to not only be part of a learning network, but to also spread the word about the benefits of Project Based Learning to the greater education world and beyond.


Twitter is the fastest and simplest way to stay in touch with everything about BIE and PBL. Find out about the latest news and resources, share your story, and ask us questions that you want answers to right away. Follow us @biepbl and use the hashtag #pbl.


Facebook is a social network for friends and family where you can follow BIE to find out about the latest news and resources for Project Based Learning, as well as get glimpses of what is going on behind the scenes at the Buck Institute for Education and PBL schools. You can also network with other PBL educators and learn about their stories, and share yours.


Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing everything you love. At BIE, we love Project Based Learning and use Pinterest to find and share resources, and to show what is going on behind the scenes at our organization.


Instagram is a fun way to share your life through a series of pictures. BIE uses Instagram to share pictures that tell the story about what is going on in the organization, whether it be keynoting a conference, working with schools, or the behind the scenes development of the latest resources for Project Based Learning.


Edmodo is a social network for educators and BIE's largest online community with over 25,000 members in its Project Based Learning Community. Use the network to connect with other educators interested in PBL and share resources that will help you reach your full potential.


YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. BIE uses videos that it creates and shares on the network to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe about Project Based Learning.


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals that BIE is using to reach out to educators to share the latest news and resources on PBL, as well as the latest developments within the organization. BIE is also an active participant in the Project Based Learning community on LinkedIn where you can network with like-minded professionals, and share your story and learn about others.


Google+ is a social network for everyone, and one of BIE's newest and most active social networks. Follow BIE to get the latest news and resources about PBL, watch weekly Live Hangouts On Air, and find like-minded people to interact with. BIE also has a Project Based Learning Community page where you can ask for help and share PBL stories with others.

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