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If your job is to help teachers improve their practice of PBL, we’ve got some resources that will help. Perhaps you’re thinking it would be a good idea to get everyone on the same page, to be sure teachers understand what a good project is and share a common framework for planning. Our PBL Toolkit series of books is a good place to start. Also check out our articles on the “8 Essential Elements of PBL” and various tools we’ve developed that guide teachers in using the Elements to plan and reflect upon their projects. If teachers need ideas for projects, steer them to our Project Search tool. Or perhaps teachers need help with assessment, or managing a project – see our collection of student handouts, rubrics, and other tools.

Planning Forms
Essential Project Design Elements Checklist

For a quick evaluation of a project's design

Project Design Rubric

Align projects w Essential Project Design Elements

Using Gallery Walks for Revision and Reflection

Feedback from peers, teachers & experts

Designing Integrated Curriculum

Meet state standards of various subject areas

Archived Webinars
Driving Questions

Purpose, examples, and how to write good DQs

Planning Forms
Driving Question Tubric 2.0

Build the Tubric and practice writing DQs.

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