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Topic tags: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, 21st century competencies


What is it?
Updated in 2015 to align with BIE's new model for Gold Standard PBL!

The newest book in BIE’s PBL Toolkit series is a practical guide to building 21st century student competency in the “4 C’s” – critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity/innovation – during a project. Designed for middle school and high school teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders, this book details how the 4 C’s align with the Common Core State Standards.

PBL for 21st Century Success includes sample projects from a variety of grade levels and subjects, CCSS-aligned rubrics for each of the 4 C’s, and tips for using technology to enhance projects, with a special chapter for school leaders on building community, parent, and systemic support for 21st century learning with PBL. Buy the Kindle e-book version.