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What is it? This unit opens with a field trip to the local zoo. In this Project-based Learning experience, students explore their local environment and describe conditions within a habitat that are beneficial for living things and those that are not good for living things. Individually, students will formulate and write a Habitat Report in which they introduce their chosen zoo animal, their opinion for the best habitat, and supply reasons that support the opinion, and provide a concluding statement or section. As teams, students will create and present their Habitat Plan “Sales Pitch” to zookeepers and local zoology students/professors as a team. Students will collaborate with local recycling agents, local zookeepers, and local zoology students to perform research to help support their opinions.

Why do we like it? This is a well-designed elementary science project with a completed Project Design Overview and Learning Guide from one of our National Faculty, Charity Moran.

How can you use it? Use this for professional development and as a model for completing the Project Planner.