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What is it? Students, in the role of financial advisors, are challenged to find the best use of $25 so that it makes the most impact for a community. They will select a project from the organization,, to lend a $25 microloan. In order to help students determine the best use of the funds, they will conduct interviews with a banker to learn how lending works and the investors to learn what projects they are passionate about. Students will also factor in repayment schedule and delinquency & default rates for the given project and microlender. They will present their recommendations to investors, as well as the school and local community to get their Kiva projects fully funded.

Why do we like it? This elementary math project is a "Gold Standard" example of a project, with a completed Project Design Overview and Learning Guide from two of our National Faculty, Angela Marzilli and Erika Jordan.

How can you use it? Use this for professional development and as a model for completing the Project Planner.