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What is it? Students will attempt to assess the biodiversity and human impacts on biodiversity on aquatic organisms in the San Diego Bay. Students will deploy an Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure (ARMS) and several reef monitoring plates into the San Diego Bay. They will then examine the plates and ARMS and try to identify the organisms collected by using taxonomy (with the help of microbiologist, Dr. Emma Ransome), and DNA barcoding. Students will work in two groups: a taxonomic specialty group and a research question group. In the research question group, students will come up with testable questions that can be answered by the data collected, such as “how does proximity to sewage outfall change the organisms collected?”

Why do we like it? This is a well-designed high school science project with a completed Project Design Overview and Learning Guide from one of our National Faculty, Jesse Robinson.

How can you use it? Use this for professional development and as a model for completing the Project Planner.