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What is it? This article describes how Philadelphia implemented PBL system-wide in out-of-school time (OST) programs. The authors begin with a short review of the scholarly literature on PBL and its impacts, then explain why PBL is well-suited for system-wide use in OST programs. The article tells the story of the PBL implementation effort and its successes, as well as the challenges presented, with recommendations to other cities and their intermediaries that wish to implement PBL on a systemwide basis.

Why do we like it? This article gives detailed examples of projects conducted and their successes, with valuable advice and lessons learned, much of which applies to adoption of PBL on a systemic basis in "regular school" too.

How can you use it? District leaders and organizations can use this article to help plan an effort to implement PBL system-wide in out-of-school time programs.