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What is it? Empower17 is a conference redesigned by educators, for educators. You have the ability to transform education and ignite a spark in your students.

BIE is attending the conference, and our booth number is 948.

In addition to our exhibit booth, we will have two things happening this year:

• BIE is hosting an event to announce the first draft of “High Quality PBL Guidelines for Practice” and seek feedback. To create the guidelines, BIE is facilitating a process from now until 2018 that includes leading PBL organizations, practitioners, academics, and any other interested parties who would like to contribute.

Advanced Project-Based Learning for Equity, ELL, and Greater Authenticity
Monday, March 37, 1:00PM at the Anaheim Convention Center, level 3, room 303B.
This interactive session, will go beyond the basics of the BIE's model for gold-standard PBL and explore issues of more advanced teacher and school practice. Many teachers have found PBL to be a tool for promoting educational equity for students furthest from opportunity, including its use with English language learners. PBL teachers have also found that classroom- or school-based projects, while valuable and appropriate in some cases, can become more powerful and even transformative for students if they involve authentic real-world problems, school communities, and external experts and organizations. Hear about K–12 examples in various subjects and apply BIE's lessons learned about these issues to your own project designs and PBL plans for your school.

How do I participate? Register for the ASCD Empower 17 conference.