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Topic tags: scaffolding, public audience, how to do PBL, communication, common core


What is it? This short article by BIE, which appeared in ASCD's Educational Leadership magazine, explains why PBL is the ideal way to build the speaking and presentation skills called for in the Common Core State Standards. If you are not an ASCD member and would like a full-color reprint of the article mailed to you, please email your full name and address to: Limited copies available.

Why do we like it? The article features example projects showing how teachers can build speaking and presentation skills from K-12. The authors conclude by pointing out that PBL is well-aligned with the CCSS in a variety of ways in both ELA and Math.

How can you use it? This article could help persuade people - from school leaders to parents and community members - of the value of PBL. It could also be given to teachers to help them plan projects that align with Common Core or other state standards.