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Andre Daughty

"If you observe children, they will teach you how to teach them.” — Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

When Andre Daughty heard this line, his philosophy of education shifted – and he embarked on a journey to improve education. With great success, Andre observed the students in his own classroom, at the elementary and secondary level. This allowed him to differentiate curriculum and projects based on his students’ interests.

Andre Daughty provides workshops and professional development seminars that involve high energy, practical ways to use today’s strategies, collaboration and fun stories to create a deep connection between the audience and the content of his talk.

Andre is passionate about inspiring tomorrow’s administrators through workshops, speaking engagements, seminars and embedded coaching experiences. He is highly sought after to speak and present in workshops nationwide to students, educators and organizations. His genuine and touching talks make audiences laugh, cry and nod their heads in recognition.