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Andrew Chernow National Faculty

Andrew came to BIE with a variety of PBL teaching, training, and facilitating experiences. After earning his master's degree in secondary STEM education, he began teaching physics and math in the public high schools of Albuquerque, NM. His next stop was at a second-year New Tech Network school where he became the first Physics and Algebra 2 teacher and developed curriculum that was entirely PBL based. During the four years working for New Tech Network, Andrew integrated Common Core into the math department, was the chair of both science and math departments, created year-long PBL courses in physics, and presented at their national conference. In his final year of teaching in New Mexico Andrew was awarded the STEM Teacher of the year for Albuquerque Public Schools.

Andrew obtained his undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he resides. He is currently a science educator in a small 6-12 school where he co-teaches with a humanities teacher and has the opportunity to design and teach expeditionary projects across content areas.