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Drew Hirshon National Faculty

Drew has been in education for 11 years and has a passion for lifelong learning. His goal is to create meaningful and authentic projects for his wonderful students and share his love for project based learning along the way. He truly believes that education isn’t just preparing you for life but that education is life. He was a STEM coordinator for a middle and high school for the last 3 years and currently accepted a job as a STEM teacher at a brand new K-5 Maker Elementary school. He has an educational background in Exercise Science, Culturally and Linguistically diverse Education, and Career and Technical Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). He is also PLTW certified in Biomedical Science and has a T3G certification in GIS through Esri. His very diverse background has given him some unique opportunities and one of them was to lead the charge on certifying the first STEM high school west of the Mississippi through AdvancEd accreditation. Drew’s work in technology with Apple has also led him to developing a professional development plan and technology implementation plan for the STEM pipeline in his district.