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Joseph Grit National Faculty

Joe is a high school chemistry teacher for Zeeland Public Schools in Zeeland, MI. Outside of high school chemistry, he has also taught middle school science and STEM courses, and has been involved in research on the Nature of Science (NOS) and science inquiry. Joe has worked with schools on both the planning and implementation of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) K-12. He is passionate and dedicated to designing and implementing authentic projects that engage, motivate and challenge all learners. His diverse teaching experience, coupled with his passion for authentic and sustainable learning, has enabled Joe to spread and facilitate high-quality professional development. Joe is a teacher who sees first hand the enrichment PBL can bring to students, teachers, districts and communities. He is continually motivated by students asking if they can stay in class longer to work after the bell, or when they excitedly line up to ask what’s next when a project has come to completion. Joe earned his B.S. in Chemistry from Grand Valley State University with an emphasis in Secondary Education.