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Lacrecia Terrance National Faculty

Lacrecia has been in the education field for 16 years serving in many capacities as classroom teacher, lead teacher, dean of students, math coordinator, district curriculum coordinator, district curriculum specialist, district STEM coordinator, district Title I coordinator and currently independent STEM/Innovation Coach. She lives to inspire, motivate, change, and impact student lives by offering them a greater future through the lens of education.

Allowed the opportunity to excel further and extend student educational studies, Lacrecia implemented the first Cyber Engineering academy in Louisiana. Through research and curriculum development she was able to extend her professional studies though this experience. Her hope is to bring the knowledge and insight gained through these various educational experiences to the Buck Institute to build upon and share the importance and process of Project Based Learning.

Lacrecia has been recognized as Teacher of the Year, Recognized Teacher by Carnegie Learning for participation in a RAND study for showing significant gains, and is a STEM Trainer for Offshore Energy. She has a BA in Elementary Education, an MA in Teacher Leadership, and is currently working on a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Administration.