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Lauren Scheller Systemic Partnership Coach

Lauren joined BIE in 2011, first as the Professional Services Coordinator and now as a Systemic Partnership Coach. She is responsible for developing relationships with her district partners to foster organizational learning and capacity building that supports PBL within partner systems. She provides support through a variety of strategies to develop systems' capacities to reflect upon practice, generate ideas, and plan for sustainability of PBL.

Lauren graduated from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, with a double major in Biological Sciences and French. After briefly working in the fashion industry, she found her calling and passion in education. As an elementary and secondary science teacher, she became the initiator and foremost authority in inquiry and Project Based Learning (PBL) and differentiated instruction at her school. Upon transitioning to teaching French, Lauren successfully integrated World Language best practices and PBL in the classroom.

Joining BIE was a natural progression from her previous roles as a PBL teacher and teacher leader. She has moved from creating and facilitating professional development committees, teacher workshops, and instructional improvement within her district, to a national role at BIE, where she works along side school and district leaders to create and implement a system wide vision for PBL. She also specializes in World Language for BIE.

Lauren is currently studying at Teachers College, Columbia, focusing on Leadership in Education for Social Justice.