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Michael Fenlon National Faculty

Michael is a high school science teacher for Zeeland Public Schools in Zeeland Michigan. He taught middle school general science for 5 years and has taught high school Chemistry, Biology and Physics for the past 7 years.Michael is a lead teacher in three college prep / entrepreneur programs. The first program, iCU (I Challenge U) places students with local businesses to solve inquiry-based problems for that business in a two-week intense summer academy setting. The second program MakeLab, again places students with local businesses to design or solve issues these companies may have. This is a 16-week after school program. The third program, Connections, places students with a local company in a year long inquiry-based atmosphere, to experience what these companies do first hand as they prepare for their future, while learning about the 21st century competency skills.Michael earned his undergraduate degree at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.