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Micki Evans National Faculty

Micki ‘s journey with PBL began when she was in high school, when the local alternative school became her last resort. Here she was taught by three young teachers enmeshed in the FoxFire books who made learning come alive, and changed her life.

Micki brings a wealth and variety of expertise - classroom teaching with a PBL focus, curriculum development and writing, instructional and systemic coaching and facilitating, and teaching and supervising in higher education pre-service and graduate education using PBL.

Micki has also worked extensively with schools in their redesign process, and helped to build professional learning communities to sustain the work. She has been trained by the National School Reform Faculty in the use of protocols in building powerful professional learning communities. Micki has worked nationally and internationally with students, teachers and schools in school-wide redesign with a focus on project-based learning.