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Noreen Nsereko National Faculty

Before embarking on her teaching career, Noreen worked in agricultural research and extension in the U.K, Costa Rica, Canada and the U.S. Her experiences with extension work led to her passion for teaching. In her nine years of classroom teaching experience in the Des Moines Public School District, Iowa, she has taught biology, Environmental Science and A.P. Environmental Science. Since 2012, Noreen has been involved in the development and implementation of a rigorous project based A.P. Environmental Science curriculum as part of the GLEF “Knowledge In Action” Project. Implementing this curriculum in her classroom has resulted in an increase in the level of student engagement, depth of content knowledge, and an improvement in key success skills including: critical thinking, collaboration and self-management. She believes rigorous PBL college preparatory courses in which students work collaboratively on authentic tasks will better prepare students for success in today's complex, dynamic, and globally connected world.

Noreen graduated with a B.S. in Tropical Environmental Science from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, an M.S. in Sustainable Agriculture from Imperial College, London, England, and an MAT from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. She currently serves as her district’s Environmental Science PLC facilitator.