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Todd Wigginton National Faculty

Todd spent the first four years of his career teaching in a private school setting and another 14 years teaching in Nashville Public Schools. In his current role as Director of Instruction, he supports the implementation of PBL district wide. In addition to developing K-12 district level PBL trainers and coaches, he works with specific teachers in preparing them to become PBL model classrooms. He stays connected to students by co-teaching PBL units in secondary classrooms. Todd supports the district’s project expo at which over 1,000 students showcase their learning to a public audience on an annual basis.

As an adjunct professor at local universities, Todd taught graduate courses in Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment and undergraduate courses in Methods. Todd emphasizes strategies for creating a positive classroom culture, disciplinary literacy and unit planning. Todd is serving as the project lead for Tennessee’s revision of the K-12 Social Studies Standards to be implemented in 2019. He currently serves on the Board of the National Council for History Education.