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Trevor Muir National Faculty

Trevor is a teacher and facilitator at Byron Center High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Trevor began his career teaching at a New Tech high school in a fully immersed Project Based Learning environment. He is now introducing and implementing PBL and authentic education at a traditional school that is committed to making learning engaging and innovative.

Trevor is the author of "The Epic Classroom," a book about using the power of story to make learning engaging and unforgettable. He creates videos for his Facebook page, The Epic Classroom, that are designed to motivate teachers as well as inspire more Project Based Learning in schools. He is the host and creator for the We Are Teachers show, Teacher Helpline Live, and his writing has been featured in the Huffington Post and EdWeek. He gave a TEDx talk titled, "School Should Take Place in the Real World," at TEDx San Antonio.

As a student himself, Trevor was often bored and uninspired in school. He is committed to using Project Based Learning to make that not the case for every student he encounters.