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Looking for a PBL School? Here’s Some Guidance

…For educators to visit, for parents to send kids to

Sustained Inquiry in PBL as a Tool for Social Justice

Leveraging students' questions & concerns

Scaffolding Student Thinking in Projects

The importance of being strategic

Top 10 PBL News Stories

Articles, blogs, PBL resources Feb. 9, 2018

Scaffolding a Geo-Inquiry Film Project with Google Slides

A colaborative writing tool

Art & Peace Project Prepares Global Citizens

…Elementary students take the Facing Difference Challenge

Book Excerpt: Learner Centered Innovation: Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, Unleash Genius

by Katie Martin, BIE staff

Using PBL to Figure Out Social Media and Screen Time

Students create guidelines for parents

PBL World 2018: Something for Everyone

Join us in June

Top 10 PBL News Stories

Articles, blogs, PBL resources Jan. 26, 2018

Easy on the Spices: Using the Right Technology to Support PBL Teaching

3 tech tools from a middle school coach

Chaos, Kindness, and Kindergarten

A project that went beyond expectations

Q: What’s the Right Dosage of PBL?        A: Not Once Per Year

The importance of its regular use

Our Students; Our Co-workers

Letting go of the “sage on the stage”

Top 10 PBL News Stories

Articles, blogs, PBL resources Jan. 12, 2018

Design Thinking and a Bias Towards Action with PBL

“The Only Way to Do It Is to Do It”

Learners Ask 4 Deep Questions, PBL Provides Opportunities to Answer Them

Where student voice & inquiry meet

10 PBL Resolutions for 2018

To improve the practice & expand its use

5 Strategies for Making Project Work Time More Productive

Supporting student teams

Top 10+ PBL Blog Posts of 2017

Out of 175 published this year

My Favorite Projects of 2017

From various grade levels & subject areas

PBL in a Video Production Class

Improving the quality of student videos

Students and Teachers Respond to 2017’s Natural Disasters

Project examples from around the U.S.

Top 10 PBL News Stories

Articles, blogs, PBL resources Dec. 15, 2017

Reflective Practices As Embedded Instructional, Cultural Design

4 ways to promote student reflection