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PBL 101 Workshops

3 days (consecutive) – up to 35 participants

PBL 101 is BIE’s foundational workshop based on our model of Gold Standard PBL. It provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design, assess, and manage a rigorous, standards-based project. The workshop models the project process. Facilitated by one of BIE’s expert National Faculty, PBL 101 is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. Participants are actively engaged in project design, with the expectation that every teacher or teaching team will generate a project plan for their own use.

Sustained Support Visits

1 or more full days – up to 35 participants

Sustained Support Visits are customized on-site sessions based on the needs of teachers who have attended PBL 101, in areas related to project design, assessment, and management. The visit may combine two types of support: PBL 201 workshops or coaching sessions, both of which are led by a BIE National Faculty member. PBL 201s are half-day workshops on BIE’s Gold Standard Project Based Teaching Practices. Coaching sessions engage teachers in protocols to reflect on their projects, give feedback to one another to improve projects, examine student work, or share strategies to improve their overall design and/or facilitation of projects.

PBL 101: Career Pathways

3 days (consecutive) – up to 35 participants
This version of our introductory PBL workshop serves as a foundation for interdisciplinary, career-pathway aligned Project Based Learning and was piloted by Linked Learning Schools. In order to collaboratively create interdisciplinary projects, participants attend this workshop in site-based grade-level interdisciplinary teams, each including a career-pathway teacher. The workshop includes access to self-directed resources and protocols that teams can use beyond the workshop to guide them in curriculum mapping, aligning scaffolding for success skills, and rubric development.