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District Development Coaching

Systems entering into a partnership with BIE work with a director of district development to support the creation of conditions that enable PBL. BIE develops close relationships with its partners by working alongside them as a coach. Your director will manage BIE’s work as outlined in a co-developed PBL implementation plan and provide the district PBL Steering Committee with a wide variety of tools from BIE’s proprietary District Support Toolkit. BIE directors of district development also provide on-site and virtual support to leaders, schedule BIE staff and National Faculty for services, and serve as strategic thought partners to help guide the work.

Implementation Planning Lab

2-day session - up to 35 participants

The Implementation Planning Lab helps district staff develop a coherent, multi-year plan, whose central goal is the sustainable implementation of PBL. Plans take into account the needs of all stakeholders in the organization and leverage existing initiatives. The two-day planning session includes an overview of PBL, the identification of potential obstacles, and the identification of annual goals and metrics to measure progress. At the conclusion of the workshop, the client will have the beginning of an actionable, strategic plan.

PBL Leadership Team Development Series

7-day series of workshops - up to 50 participants

These workshops, usually spread over the course of one year, equip instructional leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to create the systemic conditions necessary for successful and sustainable PBL implementation. Workshop participants include district leadership, instructional coaches, department chairs, site leadership and teacher leaders. The workshops include modules on key protocols, collegial conversations, analysis of student work, walkthroughs, data analysis, and more.

Sustained Support Visits

1 full day - up to 35 participants

On-site Sustained Support Visits help district and school leaders provide instructional leadership for PBL. These coaching visits are customized based on the needs of leaders related to strategic planning, building culture, capacity building, and continuous improvement. This service can be delivered to groups of leaders or individual leaders.

PBL Coaching Workshop

2 days (consecutive) - up to 35 participants

The PBL Coaching Workshop provides instructional coaches/leaders with the knowledge and skills to support teachers in project implementation. Facilitated by one of BIE’s expert National Faculty, the workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. Participants are actively engaged in developing a PBL Coaching Toolkit.

Visioning Day

1 full day – up to 50 participants

The Visioning Day workshop focuses on helping the school and/or district articulate their overarching goals for PBL, explores areas for coherence and potential conflicts with other district initiatives and priorities, and establishes short, medium and long term goals. Participants should represent a diverse set of constituents, including teachers and leaders from each level across the school and/or district.

Project Slice

1 full day – up to 35 participants

A project slice demonstrates what it’s like to be a learner in Project Based Learning, by engaging participants in an immersive PBL experience — a “slice” of a project that models the key features of the PBL process. Schools and districts can use it to build shared understanding of PBL in a staff or school community.