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BIE provides systemic PBL implementation services to more than 25 U.S. school systems in support of more than 10,000 teachers. BIE partners with these systems to ensure the sustainability of Gold Standard PBL as an instructional practice. PBL is most successful when the appropriate culture and structures are in place to support it. Our systemic partnerships vary in size and scope but are always aligned with existing strategic plans and innovation goals. Our proprietary planning model results in a three-year PBL initiative that has as its goal the sustainable implementation of PBL across a system. The plan generates a flexible but structured rollout of professional development. It outlines benchmarks and goals. It allows development of local PBL capacity among teachers, site leaders, and district administrators. This work occurs under the guidance of our systemic partnership coaches, who have extensive experience helping systems go to scale with complex initiatives.

Note: Systemic services include many components not available under our Core Services. Systemic services are not available à la carte.

PBL Implementation Planning Workshop

BIE supports systemic PBL implementation efforts by entering into partnerships with districts. These efforts begin by designing a flexible multi-year implementation plan during the full-day onsite PBL Implementation Planning Workshop. This fee-based planning workshop is the first step in the process. All members of the site-based leadership team work collaboratively with our director of implementation and a systemic partnership coach to design the plan.

During the session, we use our proprietary model to design a plan that has, as its central goal, the sustainable implementation of Project Based Learning. Plans take into account the needs of all stakeholders in the organization and leverage existing initiatives. BIE generates the plan and related budget within 10 days of the meeting's conclusion and submits it for partner approval. The plan is revised on semi-annual basis to ensure goals remain achievable.

Systemic Partnership Coach (SPC)

Systems entering into a partnership with BIE will be assigned a systemic partnership coach (SPC). BIE believes in developing powerful personal relationships with its partners. The SPCs manage BIE’s work as outlined in the plan. They provide onsite and virtual support to site leadership, schedule BIE staff and National Faculty for services, arrange logistics of BIE’s professional development events, review/create budgets, generate reports, meet weekly (by phone) with the district PBL leadership team, tailor service components, and more. BIE's systemic partnership coaches are drawn from some of the most experienced PBL practitioners in our organization and put a friendly face on BIE's interactions with our partners.

PBL Leadership Development Workshop Series

The PBL Leadership Development Workshop Series equips instructional leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to create the systemic supports necessary for successful and sustainable PBL implementation. This series is a required feature of BIE's three-year implementation plans and is not offered independently. Workshop participants should include district leadership, instructional coaches, department chairs, site leadership and teacher leaders. The series, usually spread over four days, includes modules on key protocols, collegial conversations, analysis of student work, instructional rounds, walkthroughs, data analysis, etc. Participation in any one workshop in the series is limited to 50.

PBL Sustainability Program - PBL Workshop Facilitation

The PBL Sustainability Program - PBL Workshop Facilitation is a structured apprenticeship that prepares local instructional leaders to facilitate their own world-class PBL workshops based on BIE’s model. This program builds organizational capacity for Gold Standard PBL. Every candidate, chosen by the partner, is assigned one or more National Faculty members to guide him or her through the 4-6 month program. Graduates of the program will receive access to and training on BIE's latest content, tools and techniques for the duration of the partnership. They will remain certified for two years following the end of the partnership. In order to continue receiving updated tools and materials, PBL Sustainability Program graduates will need to re-certify their status by attending PBL World or one of our PBL Academies.

PBL Sustainability Program - PBL Coaching Series

The PBL Sustainability Program - PBL Coaching Series is a seven-week online course that supports educators who provide PBL instructional coaching or leadership. It is required that participants have successfully completed a PBL 101 workshop prior to enrolling. Through a series of video samples, case studies, readings, and journaling, participants gain skills, strategies, and resources needed to support teachers and leaders with Gold Standard PBL implementation. Participation is asynchronous and includes discussion boards, a reflective journal, and a forum to ask questions and share best practices.

PBL 101 Workshops

PBL 101 is BIE’s foundational three-day (consecutive, 7.0 hours per day, including lunch) onsite workshop. Based on BIE's model of Gold Standard PBL, the workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to design, assess and manage a rigorous, relevant, and standards-based project. The workshop models the project process. Facilitated by one of BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. Participants are actively engaged in project design, with the expectation that every teacher or teaching team will generate a project plan that receives formative feedback from both participants and BIE National Faculty.

All participants (limited to 35 per workshop) receive a free copy of BIE's highly regarded PBL 101 Workbook, which is exclusively for PBL 101 participants and not sold separately. In district settings, BIE has the capacity to facilitate as many as 25 simultaneous PBL 101s.

Note: PBL 101 Workshops are also offered as part of Core Services.

Sustained Support Visits

Sustained Support Visits are onsite instructional coaching events for participants who attended the PBL 101 Workshop. These visits (usually scheduled as single days) are spaced throughout the school year following the 101, and are based on school need. BIE conducts a survey of participating teachers and administrators and uses that data to develop a tailored session to support teachers in areas related to project design, assessment, and management.

BIE requires districts who partner with us contract for these onsite visits, as multiple studies have indicated the importance of ongoing support as a feature of successful professional development and transformation in teacher practice.

Note: Sustained Support Visits are also offered as part of Core Services.