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Using the Need to Know List as a Planning & Assessment Tool

Sorting student questions, tracking their progress

Making PBL Observer-Friendly

3 ways to show evidence of the learning process

Evaluation Within Project Based Learning

Grading, self & peer critique, audience feedback

4 Ways to Provide Feedback in PBL

Tools & tips for formative assessment

How can we flip assessment to build a PBL culture?

How to make students their own first assessor

Planning Forms
Project Assessment Map

Plan how to use formative assessment in a project

Planning Forms
Project Design: Overview and Student Learning Guide

Two-part form for a project's design & scaffolding

Assessing the 4 C’s

Learn about the power of rubrics in assessment

Recorded Google Hangouts
Assessing Creativity and Innovation in PBL

With BIE National Faculty Andrew Miller & Myla Lee

Resource List: Assessment in PBL

Readings & Resources: Assessment in PBL

Planning Forms
Sample Project Assessment Map

A completed sample showing formative assessments

Hangout Recap: Assessing 21st Century Competencies in PBL

Hangout Recap: Assessment in Project Based Learning

Recorded Google Hangouts
District Assessment and PBL

With Todd Wigginton, MNPS and BIE's Rhonda Hill

Recorded Google Hangouts
Assessing 21st Century Competencies in PBL

With author Laura Greenstein & EL's David Grant

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