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The Power of Personal Purpose and Value in PBL

Authentic projects motivate students

Creating Authentic Kindergarten PBL

by Angela Marzilli, BIE National Faculty

3 Tips for Planning Authentic PBL Projects

by Jim Bentley, BIE National Faculty

Recorded Google Hangouts
Inquiry & Real World PBL: The Watershed Classroom

March 10, 2015 - Eric Backman

Authenticity to Self: Engaging Students’ Identities in Project Based Learning

By author Sam Seidel

Planning Forms
Sample Project: Mylar Mayhem Mystery Management

Planning Forms
Sample Project: Are You Buying What I’m Vending

Economics project by BIE Nat'l Faculty Matt Baer

Recorded Google Hangouts
Making Authentic Experiences in PBL

Dec. 9, 2014 - Tim Kubik, Lisa Rockwell, Matt Baer

Recorded Google Hangouts
Keeping It Real

December 2, 2014 - Sam Seidel & Alfred Solis

PBL at ACE Leadership High School

Real-world PBL at a high school for at-risk youth

High Tech High K-12 Schools

Prepares students for work and citizenship

Archived Twitter Chats
#PBLChat - Exhibitions, Showcases, Presentations, and Panels

Hip Hop Genius

by Sam Seidel. Keeping it real engages students.

Archived Twitter Chats
#PBLChat & #HipHopEd - Keep It Real

Examine the intersections of Hip-Hop Ed & PBL

Keep It Real

A fresh & lively presentation by Sam Seidel

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