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Top 8 PBL News Stories

Articles, blogs, PBL resources April 24-28, 2017

BIE Book Excerpt: Critical Thinking in PBL

Its definition & key role in a project

21st Century Skills Framework

Compare various organizations' lists of 21c skills

Recorded Google Hangouts
Creativity and Innovation in Elementary School Projects

With teachers from Katherine Smith School

Recorded Google Hangouts
Creativity & Innovation in Middle and High School Projects

Suzie Boss with ELA & STEM project teachers

Recorded Google Hangouts
Assessing Creativity and Innovation in PBL

With BIE National Faculty Andrew Miller & Myla Lee

Recorded Google Hangouts
Creativity and Innovation in PBL

BIE's John Larmer is joined by BIE's Alfred Solis

PBL for 21st Century Success

Building student competency in the 4 Cs

Resource List: Creativity in PBL

Readings & Resources: Teaching Creativity in PBL

Archived Twitter Chats
#PBLChat - Creativity and Innovation in Projects

With BIE National Faculty member Suzie Boss

Make Room for Innovation and Creativity in PBL

Develop student problem-solving strategies

Archived Twitter Chats
#PBLChat - Assessing Creativity & Innovation

With BIE National Faculty member Andrew Miller

How Can We Teach and Assess Creativity and Innovation in PBL?

Design for creativity, build culture, and scaffold

21st Century Skills Culture

Students connect the classroom to the real world.

6-12 Creativity & Innovation Rubric (non-CCSS)

Guide students in using creativity and innovation

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