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Experienced PBL Educators

If you’re a PBL veteran, you might be looking for ways to deepen and improve your practice, or find new project ideas and resources. Check out our Project Search tool to find examples from your grade level and subject area, including many interdisciplinary projects. Use our Project Design Rubric to assess the quality of your project plans. Look through our archive of webinars, blogs, and Google Hangouts on various in-depth PBL topics. Or see the latest book in our PBL Toolkit series, which focuses on advanced practice in teaching and assessing the 4 C’s in a project, and see our rubrics for 21st century competencies. You might also take a look at the books we recommend by other authors.

Project Design Rubric

Align projects w Essential Project Design Elements

Designing Integrated Curriculum

Meet state standards of various subject areas

PBL at ACE Leadership High School

Real-world PBL at a high school for at-risk youth

Middle School Project: Public Art

Art, history, engineering, language arts & tech

High School Project: Save the Beach

Media and knowledge of scientific data

What Does It Take for a Project to be “Authentic”?

Inauthentic vs. realistic vs. real-world projects

Building a Culture of Hiring

Getting "fired" is an opportunity for learning

How to Get High-Quality Student Work in PBL

Five steps for in-depth and polished products

Also Recommended for Experienced PBL Educators