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Topic tags: motivation, equity, 21st century competencies



What is it? This summary of research on Project Based Learning also appears in the BIE book PBL for 21st Century Success. It provides a quick look at key studies showing PBL's positive effects on student academic achievement, mastery of 21st century competences such as problem-solving and critical thinking, addressing the needs of diverse learners and closing achievement gaps, and increasing students' motivation to learn.

Why do we like it? PBL and the conditions in which it is used can vary greatly, making it hard for researchers to pin down. But this summary of some of the most relevant studies that support PBL is short & sweet, making it useful for various audiences.

How can you use it? School and district leaders can use this to help persuade people about the value of PBL, and to bolster the rationale for it when communicating with skeptical stakeholders.